48 hr film challenge practice

Posted: 9th March 2013

This weekend I did something stupid.

Very stupid.

I did a 48-hour film challenge; for the uninitiated a 48 hour film challenge is a form of masochism carried out by those of us who enjoy making films. The basic premise is at the start of the 48-hours you received a set of criteria, at the end of the 48 hours you've produced a short film (normally 5 minutes) based upon those criteria.

This may sound simple until you realise that this means in 2 days we: write a script; organise a set (or sets); costume and prop our actors; film something; edit what ever it is we've filmed and if we're very lucky sleep.

So, the practice didn't go quite according to plan, firstly we were late in getting a script organised, then we took a while to get to location (a lovely bit of the Grand Union canal) and then we froze. Filming in near-zero temperatures is very unpleasant. Luckily we did get some beautiful footage (black and white makes even grotty industrial London look pretty). By 1am bits of us were threatening to fall off so we headed home to plan the next day, and how to shoot the remaining 60% of the script...

Having realised that there was no way we'd get a fully two hours of night shooting done on a Sunday (especially as we all had work on the Monday) we had a day of rapid editing and tidying up followed by a silly fight scene shot in the garden.

There's one obvious lack from all this: the footage, well that's not been edited yet so I'll post again once I've got something to share.