Posted: 26th Feburary 2014

According to the rules of the internet 90% of all blog posts must be apologies for the lack of blog posts made towards the remaining 10% [1] so this is my contribution to that fine corpus.

Well actually it isn't; as far as I'm aware no one reads this so this is mostly me reminding myself what I've been up to and the fun stuff I've encountered along the way. So, last post was July last year (or 7 months ago as it's known).

Interesting thing one: I've finished my thesis! Well the first draft of the damn thing, at O(160) pages long it makes an excellent cure for insomnia whilst also doubling as a pillow. Once a submitted version is created I'll post a copy of it up here, as well as any notes that I feel are useful.

Interesting thing two: I've moved job, I'm no longer working in Go and Backbone flavour Javascript; I'm instead working on Python (Django flavour) and AngularJS flavour Javascript. Another post will follow covering my thoughts on this (mostly summerised as "ARGGH JAVASCRIPT! WHY!") but possibly some actual thoughts on Angular (which is pretty nice).

Interesting thing three: I'm selling my boat, anyone who knows me after a couple of years it is far too much of a floating bedsit so I'm getting a (hopefully) nicer place with the lovely Errant (who's site you should visit and spend money on as it'll help us cover rent).

Interesting thing four: now that I have (fewer) requirements on my time I'm getting back heavily into games, both board and video so I may well post on that as well (especially if I actually manage to turn any of my game ideas in to actual games).

[1] Not an actual rule. [back]