Tone garden

Posted: 18th September 2014

Update (2019-11-10): Apparently at some point in the last 5 years this will have stopped working because chrome demands interaction before using audio[1], anyway I've finally noticed and fixed it (Chrome update here[2])

Apparently I've decided I have free time now (HA!). To this end I've made a (below). I'm calling it a tone garden. Firstly, be warned, it's currently horrible and sounds like crap. Secondly, be warned, I'm pretty flaky at projects so it may never get beyond this.

So what is it? It's a 'tone garden'. Click inside the border to place a box, the x position of the box determines the frequency of the sound, the y position the volume. Click on a box again to remove it.

If I don't fail at finishing things then there are a couple of things I want to do with this:

  • Better sound. Simple sine oscillators are horrible, ideally I want some way of generating pleasant 'natural' noises (think waves etc.) and having that be the x-axis.
  • Better visuals. At all. The current hope would be to write some sort of zen garden generator with the red boxes replaced by rocks. The white background would be replaced by some sort of gravel affect which would then get pleasingly racked into the typical patterns.
  • Maybe other stuff as well as rocks depending on how the natural noises go.

If you're interested the project is on github and the source code is here.


Your browser does not support HTML5's 'canvas' tags.

[1]: which I'm totally OK with, auto play music is horrible [back]

[2]: Apparently this broke ~2017 so.. yea been out for a while. [back]