Posted: 19th Feburary 2017

Nothing particularly interesting to talk about today but I want to try and be better at writing this so here's (another) attempt.

Main new stuff going on in my life is that I've changed job. I'm now working as a webops engineer rather than full stack. This is... challenging. I'd forgotten what it was like to really not have a feel for what I'm doing nor how I should be doing it.

The last new job I had wasn't too bad as, even though I didn't know C# I at least knew Javascript and Angular so could dive into that. Now, not so much. I'm working with puppet, infrastructure and lots of ruby. I don't know ruby. I've never really done infrastructure before (last job I had 7 boxes to keep alive, now it's more like 180), I don't know ruby and I don't know puppet.

That being said I'm enjoying it. I've managed to bluff my way through a few months worth of work now, not destroyed anything and not pissed off anyone too much. Frankly, it's nice to be challenged again. I'm learning new things and having to think.

Nothing really special to add to this beyond "yay new job" but I thought I should at least record some stuff here.