Making a box for Splendor

Posted: 14th Feburary 2019

I really like the game Splendor. It's interesting, easy to teach and reasonable quick. The box is also about 3x larger than it needs to be[1]. I've also recently gained access to a laser cutter again so decided to make a better box for it.

Here are some photos of the process and general notes (click for bigger). I've got a separate post covering some of the more technical details

First sketches

Before you jump into a CAD program sketch out your plans and take all the measurements you can think of: it makes life so much easier.

Dominion test box

First results of jumping into a CAD program (Fusion360). I thought I could use Fusion to produce the .dxf files for cutting but wanted a simple test. This was the second "simple" test where I wanted to mess about with parametrisation a bit (the number of columns of cards can actually be specified and the design re-created).

Fusion360 design

Having tested the workflow in fusion360: onto the main event! This took a lot of tweaking and time (which you, luckily, get to skip). The cut files (.dxf) are then exported and arranged ready to be cut.

Cutting begins

This is what the parts look like once the cutting has finished. I ended up needing two sheets of plywood (210x400mm)

Dry fitting

With all the parts cut I could dry fit them and test that everything fitted. The lid's missing here because I was letting it dry having steamed it to apply the bed to the live hinge (I forgot to photograph this...)

Finished box

And finally glue up and ready to go.

[1]: by my calculation the box I have for Splendor is about 3,402cm^3 for roughly 1,084cm^3 of components. Yes I calculated it. What? [back]