more reading

Posted: 7th July 2019

Interesting thing about doing this. I think I read a hell of a lot every week but doing this has made me realise how much I absorb or even remember so that's.... depressing.

Anyway, first up is a fun bug write up by Jonathan Corbet. I always enjoy reading these as they make excellent lessons in how things are generally more complex than you expect. It's pretty technical (i.e. it has code examples and is discussing calling interfaces) so approach with care.

Next up is this blog post from Stephen Beckett at the BBC on Click's 1000th episode and making it a choose your own adventure. I tried the episode out and it's.... ok? Definitely needs a back button and probably a menu but interesting. Obviously this has been done before for various things but it was nice to see how it might work for a non-fiction setting.

Anyway, a few more things I enjoyed. I think I may use this as a prompt to revisit my RSS feeds....