WR a theme appears

Posted: 21th July 2019

Apparently I've ended up with a theme for this week, maps.

First up a piece by Romullo Baratto (translated by Tarsila Duduch) looking at a series of maps by Eric Fischer of where locals take photos compared to tourists. The results aren't hugely surprising but there's some nice visualisations and it's nice to have assumptions confirmed.

The last two are just maps (no associated articles) that I just really enjoyed. Colouring London is a citizen science project, looking to collect general information (age, construction type etc) about buildings in London. It's really interesting and easy enough to submit to (although I found it a little buggy).

Finally there's Queering the map which is a collection of stories (and sometimes just random comments) pinned to locations. All on the theme of queer identities. It's pretty lovely just to poke about in.