WR Old things

Posted: 28th July 2019

Hello! This week's reading are.... old things (mostly).

First we have The Wonderful Barn by Peter Coles, AKA telescoper, it's not an in depth write up but it is a fascinating curio and I love finding out about this sort of thing.

I also really enjoyed was "These 4 Ancient Apocalypses Changed the Course of Civilization" by Paul Cooper (who you should definitely follow for his threads on history & archaeology). Whilst I've been aware of all 4 from various sources it was great to see then collected and considered together. If you enjoyed this one I would also recommend Paul's article on Caligula's pleasure barges.

Finally yesterday we had our first EMP: a short evening meet up to get people excited for Electromagnetic Field 2020 and my friend, Alia, demoed her initial edit of the footage she shot at the previous EMF. It's beautiful; watch it.