WR photos and superheroes

Posted: 15th September 2019

I'm sure I had more for this week but I can't find them so I'll have to wrangle them for the next one as it's late (I may have lost track of time playing The Return of the Obra Dinn which you should definitely play).

Content note: discussion of suicide, depression and related things. 5 Things suicide loss survivors should know - from someone who's attempted by Sam Dylan Finch. This was a tough read, I've had several bouts of suicidal ideation and completely understand a lot of what's being said here. Definitely worth reading if you have the brain space for it as it does a good job of unpacking some of the complex emotions (that some people) have during suicidal periods.

Opposite end of the scale now: 20 photos of Trans Elders who have survived by Jess T. Dugan, this is just lovely. All too often trans conversations focus on the young so it's awesome to see a well curated gallery of elders utterly rocking it.

Last up is a long one: Super Position by David Graeber. This is an interesting read on fascism in comics but a lot deeper than the standard "Batman's a fascist". The main thing I took from this was actually to do with fascism's relationship with creativity and the urge to control it. That being said this was a heavy one so I should probably read it again myself.