WR spaced adventures in unions

Posted: 29th September 2019

It's late and I'm feeling sleepy (and likely to miss next week) so rushing this out before I play some more Magic The Gathering: Arena.

First out the gate: Kickstarter, Heart and the union by Grant Howitt. I don't know anything about Heart (I assume that's their game) but this is a good write up on how one group of creators is dealing with the attempts by Kickstarter to unionise. It's worth reading and offers some good advice (if you want to go for it but currently those attempting to unionise at kickstarter ask that you don't boycott, yet). It's thoughtful and worth reading.

Next: Spaced at 20: How we made a British cult classic, I didn't watch Spaced when it aired on TV but I watched it a lot on DVD at uni. It's great fun and this is a lovely chat with Jessica Hynes, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. If you watched the show it's a fun read.

Finally: (and content note for mental health stuff) Adventures with Anxiety by Nicky Case. This is a nice simple game (or interactive narrative or eh) about dealing with anxiety. It's touching and, I found, deeply affecting. It's not necessarily easy going (and it has a thorough content note on the title scree) but might help some of you.

Also in reading this I realise Nick Case also made The Parable of the Polygons which is also excellent and makes them more so in my eyes (parable deals with how "how harmless choices can make a harmful world").