WR Hacking airbnb

Posted: 3th November 2019

Two picks for this week (another busy one so not been reading as much).

I Accidentally Uncovered a Nationwide Scam on Airbnb by Allie Conti is an interesting read on a group of scammers who operate on AirBnB. The story is very low to the ground but really illustrates how any system ends up with parasites; especially one as successful as AirBnB. It's a real shame how weak their response is to what seems like a pretty damning report.

The Nottingham Hackspace will close... by Dominic Morrow is a bit of a sad read looking at the future of Nottingham Hackspace. Hopefully they'll find a way forward but I've got to thank Dominic for highlighting the problems they're facing so, if nothing else, they can hopefully help others.