WR Accessible ghost notes

Posted: 17th November 2019

I've been at a conference this week, DevSecCon, which was OK. Definitely in the class of "if your work's paying for it" but definitely not somewhere I'll be looking to go again. And that's excluding for the terrible venue (they had to find it at about 1 weeks notice after SkillsMatter closed). Anyway, I may write up some stuff from it: I've definitely got a lot to read up on but for now, just a normal week's reading.

Something light to start with: Our Meeting On Accessibility Is Just Down Those Stairs by Rachel Keller. I realise McSweeneys is pretty low hanging fruit in terms of "stuff to read online" but this was both funny and a great demonstration of how unhelpful folks' ideas of accessibility may be.

Ghost Ships, Crop Circles and Soft Gold: A GPS Mystery In Shanghai by Mark Harris is another one on the MIT Technology Review (which means that I can recommend one more...) It doesn't present any solutions but does flag a fascinating mystery (how do you hi-jack GPS) as well as the weird world of "what's really valuable" (in this case: sand). Lack of solution aside this presents a host of interesting sub-stories, whether or not they are inter-related definitely something worth watching long term.

Finally: Can Somebody Volunteer to Take Notes? by Tanya Reilly, meetings are one of those odd things that I apparently have a lot of opinions on[1]. This is an excellent write up on who should be taking notes, as well as why and why you might want to (information control is valuable). Anyway well worth a read and I'll be keeping an eye on Tanya's blog for more useful stuff.

[1]: and none of them are "meetings are bad"; I actually like meetings: when they're run well [back]