WR Register to vote dammit

Posted: 24th November 2019

A little two-fer today before I head off to try and actually do some work for next year's Electromagnetic Field.

PSA first: if you live in the UK we have a general election coming up. You have until Tuesday November 26th (i.e. two day's time) to register to vote. If you're unsure if you can vote article the first has got you: a definitive list of everyone who can vote in the UK general election by Micha Frazer-Carroll. I've not fact-checked this but it chimes with what I know and is a lot clearer than the notes on the site. Basically any UK or Irish citizens (the latter living in the UK I believe) can vote.

Next article is this write up on turning photos into 2.5D parallax animations with machine learning by Andy Baio. It's a pretty short write up but generally interesting but the best bit is the Google colab notebook which allows you to run it all on Google's servers and play around (although it takes several minutes to initialise it all). Here's a quick thing I did with it: