WR LEDS 3D taxis

Posted: 1th December 2019

Another week, some more notes.

We've made it to December so here's a seasonally appropriate project write up: Have yourself a matrix LED Christmas by Jo Franchetti. It's a nice and detailed write up of making a thing and I really enjoyed it.

Next is a long one: Schrodinger's cab firm: Uber's existential crisis by John Bull[1]. This is a really in depth look at what's going on with Uber in London (they had their license revoked last week, although they have some time to appeal). [snip I had a couple of sentences here complaining about Uber, they weren't very good. Suffice it to say: I have significant problems with Uber's business model and believe them to be evil]

A tactile 3D display, created with sound is a good little video from Lizzie Gibney for Nature on an exciting piece of technology: using some speakers and a lot of computing to move a polystyrene ball as a projection surface.

Finally, another 3D fun thing: mini-Tokyo 3D. Nothing more really to say on that, it's a very nicely produced map with lots of information.

[1]: Apparently this is entry No. 3 for Mr Bull. I should find more people to read... [back]