WR gloom

Posted: 15th December 2019

Sorry for missing last week and... oh gods has this week been shit.

I have a few things, not much to add on any of them. Two nice bits, a "if you have the spoons please respond" thing and a politics one.

First some nice bits.

World's greatest gallery of mushrooms that look like butts from "Sad and useless" (couldn't find an author). It's a collection of mushrooms that look like butts. That's literally all the analysis I can give. It made me smile.

The history of gay marriage among pirates by Melissa Sartore. This is an interesting, albeit very light, look at gay marriage (matelotage) among pirates and seamen. It's pretty interesting and feels like one of those things that's worth knowing.

From here it gets less fun, sorry.

Strengthening police powers to tackle unauthorised encampments this is a home office survey that is going to feed in to potential new laws targeting Roma groups. If you have the time please fill it in. Roma have had centuries of being targeted and it would be nice to remove any ammo that is going to be used to do it again.

Finally Britain must rid itself of its sociopath class by Chaminda Jayanetti (not credited on that article but a linked one). Other than the problematic use of the word "sociopath" this was an interesting look at how power-seekers have increasingly captured vital pieces of infrastructure (top political jobs, editor-ships etc) and the bullshit that is flowing from this.