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Posted: 5th January 2020

Happy new year! 5 days into the latest decade[1] and what have I read? According to my history not much. Although I have watched a lot of youtube, anyway, here's what I retrieved via ctrl+y[2]:

Secret tunnel leads to £40,000,000 cannabis farm under old Victorian theatre by Jimmy Nsubuga. Mostly posting this because it's a fun story. Not much more in the article than the headline but there are some good pictures.

Introducing dead lies dreaming by Charles Stross. Apparently I've not talked about Stross before on this blog (which is surprising, he's one of my favourite authors) but I guess that's because, as this article explains, he's not written much the last year or so. If you're not a fan of Stross (or at least interested in his books) this may not be the best article to start with but his blog's well worth poking around on as he goes into a lot of detail on the business and experience of being an author.

Hogmanay fury as Edinburgh residents told to apply for access to own homes by Libby Brooks, another news piece but I found this equal parts interesting and disturbing. Whilst closure of public and semi-public spaces for corporate interests isn't new (after-all Underbelly have been doing it for years in London) this feels like they've been allowed to push the boundaries even further than usual. Hopefully the push back on this will slow them down a bit and open up the conversation as to how such spaces are used.

Mysterious swarms of giant drones have started to appear in the Colorado and Nebraska night sky, and nobody knows where they're coming from by Irene Jiang. Another short but fun read: apparently swarm(s?) of drones keep getting sighted across America. There are a lot of theories as to what's going on but little in the way of proof yet. Another weird "welcome to 2020"[3].

[1]: probably, there seems to be some semantic arguments about when a new decade starts but I don't care [back]

[2]: Not kidding, I spent about 5 min scrolling back through my history to find these articles [back]

[3]: I guess technically it's a "please leave 2019 and take this with you" story [back]