WR Well

Posted: 26th January 2020

Bit of a grim start today but there is some more upbeat stuff. At the end. Sorry, I've had a tough week so you get a tough read.

State of the World 2020 from Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky (and others) at the Well. This is a big (I've only finished the first page) grim read. Every year Bruce & Jon have a "State of the World" thread on The Well and it's always worth reading. This one is no exception but it ain't happy.

The attack on Exarchia, an anarchist refuge in Athens by Molly Crabapple. Molly gives a first hand view inside Exarchia that was and what is happening to it now. Sadly most of what is happening to the to the people there is fascist violence.

Contempt Culture by Aurynn. A few years old but Aurynn's careful look at contempt culture is always worth revisiting. Whilst this focuses on developer communities contempt culture can be a problem in any group of people and it's well worth being on guard against.

A new life: being diagnosed with ADHD in my 40s has given me something quite magical by Jason Wilson. A bit happier now. Jason gives a first hand account of the effect on his life of receiving his ADHD diagnosis.

The most complete brain map ever is here: a fly's "connectome" by Gregory Barber. SCIENCE! Not had some science here for a fair bit. Whilst mapping a human brain is still a long way off this represents a pretty significant step forward. Partly because this should be a good item of research in and of itself but also because it provides a known good data set for testing new techniques on.

Reverberations by Linus Ã…kesson. Rounding out this week, I really enjoyed this set of classic organ pieces performed and synthesised on Commodore 64 to sound like actual church organs.