WR Ancient squads

Posted: 26th April 2020

A few more things for you to read whilst I re-watch Lord of the Rings[1].

The very secret diaries of Lord of the Rings by Cassandra Claire, because I'm watching it. Note: it's been years since I last read these so I make no promises about whether they're still worth your time nor whether they should have a content note etc.

The Date of an Ancient Mediterranean Eruption Is Hidden in Dead Trees by Isaac Schultz. The island of Santorini is somewhere I've wanted to visit since I found out about it. It's both a volcano (the caldera of which is the bay) and the location of the ancient Minoan city of Ακρωτήρι (Akrotiri). Isaac takes us through archaeologists' work in trying to pin down the date when Santorini last erupted.

Failed #squadgoals by Jeremiah Lee discusses the shortcomings of Spotify's much lauded (certainly much talked about) model. I really like that this article highlights the model's problems and how to fix them (or at least steps that can be taken in that direction).

And finally, a note to myself[2] this is the workflow I use to open up projects & files in sublime text. I have an input file filter with the 'proj' keyword that finds *.sublime-project files from a specific folder.

[1]: For no particular reason other than it's been a long time since I last watched them and I'm not sure I ever did watch all the extended editions. Anyway if you want to follow along I'm tweeting it. [back]

[2]: As I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who might read these AND who uses Sublime Text AND Alfred and it took me the better part of an hour to find just now. [back]