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Posted: 24th May 2020

Lets try and get this out actually during the day for the first time in a while...

Millions of Cicadas Are Set to Emerge After Developing for 17 Years Underground by Rosie McCall. Happy spawning, Brood IX! Cicadas' multi-year breeding cycles are fascinating although I'm sure it's less fun if your neighbourhood is suddenly very loud and full of cicada exuvia.

Stork chicks hatch in UK for first time in 600 years – why that’s great news for British wildlife by Alexander C. Lees. Talking of long time absentees... Bird watching is a hobby of mine so I'm always happy to hear news about birds and this is some great news. Once its safe to go visiting places again I may make a trip to see these lovely birds.

Organ donation law in England has changed by NHS[1] continuing the theme of good news for the UK: organ donation is now opt-out. This is one of those changes that should have a really big impact on people's health. The availability of organs for donation is a big problem and making it opt-out should improve that. Here's hoping.

On Edward Jenner by @sjmelchor. This is an interesting and important detail of the history of vaccination that I think should be more widely known.

Footprints capture a lakeside stroll by a group of ancient hunter-gatherers by Kiona N. Smith. Going a bit further back in our history to finish off. There're obviously a lot of assumptions underpinning the description of the "stroll" (not least that current hunter-gatherers are a reasonable model) but this does a good job of looking at them.

[1]: I guess? Nothing listed on the press release... [back]