Posted: 12th June 2024

So apparently I have a pending post from checks date January 2023, so oops

But this is also here because I just finished migrating my VPS so hopefully this will successfully post.

If you can't read this then something went wrong and I guess debugging that will be tomorrow.

For those that are interested this is hosted on a massively over-speced VPS provided by bitfolk. It's mainly over-speced because it previously ran my mail server. If I was being frugal I'd chuck this all at github pages but I also sporadically use this box for random tests. Such as the thing that actually kicked off my poking around with all this: setting up FreshRSS (I'm trying to move away from feedly).

Anyway, this is mostly proof (the server's) life.

Oh also just finished another EMF which was great (it was only last week and I have enthusiasm for it).