Posted: 17th April 2014

So it's that time of year again: Sci-Fi London time which of course means that the actual festival is in a couple of weeks (24th April - 4th May to be precise) but this weekend was their annual 48hr film challenge. Once again team Tortoise Butler braved (further) insanity, caffeine-overdose and friendships to produce a short film; and this years is the best yet.

If you're not in the know a 48 hr film challenge is a competition where you are given:

Line of dialogue:
"It's naturally bitter, so obviously... I first thought of you."
"Headset - we see a character with ear/headphones on, then take them off")

With those in hand you have 48hrs to produce a short film (less than 5 minutes). To be clear when we say 'produce' we mean the entire thing: we had a location, people and the equipment. Everything else: the script, the lighting, the editing, the sound, the effects, all of these was made in the 48 hours.

So without further ado here's what we made:

LEADTIME #sfl48hr challenge entry 2014 from TortoiseButler on Vimeo.