WR pure light

Posted: 10th November 2019

Another week and I continue my streak (of actually doing this), also I fixed my Tone Garden so if for some reason you've been looking for it over the last 2 years it's been broken, it's not any more. Anyway, here's the thing:

In "the dystopia is already here, it's just not evenly distributed" news: the pentagon has a laser that can identify people from a distance by their heartbeat. Apparently. These things are always a bit strange as if they're announcing it then it generally seems safe to assume they have better stuff (don't give away your best toys etc). Also, this just doesn't seem that useful, it's a neat trick and I can imagine that there will be applications but the times when it's going to be easier to use this over, e.g. a good camera and facial recognition or gait analysis seem slim[1]. Anyway seems like a neat trick and I'm sure it's been strapped to something deadly if only to see what happens so Hooray! keep those military industrial complex dollars rolling.

And now.. some art by Diana Smith who has made this excellent set of paintings using only CSS and your browser. These are best viewed in Chrome (although using older browsers can produce some fun results) and can take a little while to render. The code is all available via Github for folks to re-mix as well[2]:

[1]: I know they mention problems with both of these but apparently needs to be able to hit the chest (or at least skin?) with a laser which doesn't seem much easier at range. Also still defeated by covering up and likely many other simple tricks. [back]

[2]: Like my friend Jonty who made these javascript permutators of a couple of them: Francine and lace [back]